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Monday, February 15, 2010

j caroline creative

I got online to check one of my favorite fabric stores, j caroline creative, this afternoon and found some sad news. I have bought organic fabric from this store before and they have always been super fast and very helpful. I was really surprised (yet happy) to notice that they were having an amazing sale on their entire organic selection. But then I noticed that almost all their other fabrics were on sale for an incredible price too. So I poked around on the site a bit and found this on her blog:

"What's going on, you ask? Well, the bulk of our business has always been crafters that make and re-sell items and for those of you in that world, you know what is going on. Retail on any level is not doing well and hasn't for at least a year. We noticed a significant change in buying activity last March and by my own stubbornness and conniving were able to plow through any way waiting for the uptick. Well, in my humble opinion, the uptick isn't coming soon and it isn't going to be significant enough to undo the hurt caused by operating by the skin of our teeth for a full year. So, after much consternation and hand-wringing, I have made the decision to bring the site to a soft landing before other parties force us to crash land.

Where we go after we significantly reduce our inventory is still somewhat uncertain. I do plan to keep the website up and running with some selection of items-- at this time, I plan to offer webbing, some hardware and our jacquard ribbons. The tutorials and how-tos on the site will also still be available and I do plan to add more. At this time, we do not plan to offer fabric or as large of a selection of ribbons. Jcaroline Home will continue to operate, but probably with fewer fabric selections.

The jcaroline blog will also still be around and updated. In fact, it should get updated more as I can focus more time on sewing and other creative endeavors. I also have some ideas to expand its scope as a fabric/sewing/crafting blog.

So, yes, I and my business in some form will still be around, but we are proceeding with a necessary transition at this time. Thank you for your support for the last eight years and I'm hopeful for another eight years in some form or another.

The upside of this is we are holding one heck of a sale. To beat all sales. Until it is all gone. Start shopping."

And she really is having an incredible sale! I couldn't believe the prices. You must check it out - and fast too before it's all gone!