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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Girl Effect

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amazing Photography at Pitter Patter Photos!

I recently met this amazing Austin area photographer who took some incredible photos of my new spring and summer clothing. As you can see, she did some great work here - and she was juggling four of my very active and adorable models all at once! The girls definitely had her spinning around, but this photographer handled it with ease and finesse. And turned out some fabulous photos in the process!

Her name? Naomi Worley with Pitter Patter Photos. I highly recommend Naomi and would use her again as a photographer in a heartbeat. And so would all of my models - at the end of the shoot, Naomi gave each of the girls a little treat to take home. Now that's smart thinking!

The girls loved her and so did I. I can't wait to work with Naomi again! You can find more of her work or contact her at, and her email address is

Aren't these photos gorgeous?

Check out the rest of her work on her website, and book her now - you won't be sorry! And you can see the rest of this shoot in my Etsy shop -

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tiny Birds Organic Baby

Well I have some great news that I am super excited to share. One of my favorite stores - Tiny Birds Organic Baby - is now carrying my clothing! They have an incredible store filled with amazing merchandise, and I feel so lucky to now be included. Their website is also great and they offer free shipping to the U.S. and Canada!

Here is their information:, 1050 Meadows Drive, Suite 407, Round Rock, TX 78681. Another great thing about this store - they donate all of their profits to non-profit groups such as Half the Sky Foundation. Isn't that wonderful?

Thank you for supporting Happy Banyan, Tiny Birds Organic Baby!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adorable Customer Photos

I just received some amazing photos from a customer who took some pictures of a dress she purchased from me on her adorable little girl. They are so cute I just had to share them with you. Isn't she beautiful in this super cute and fun eco-friendly dress?

This organic knit top is so soft and comfortable - it's good for the environment and safe for children.

The incredible photography is courtesy of Megan Garrison Photography. See more of her gorgeous work at

The top of this dress is 100 percent organic cotton and is sleeveless - perfect for summer! With black and white stripes and ruffles on the top attached to an adorable cotton candy pink Robert Kaufman cupcake pattern skirt.

Isn't it wonderful to know that beautiful clothing doesn't have to come at the expense of our planet?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring and Summer Dresses

I've been working on new spring and summer dresses. This season I've made some adorable organic halter dresses that are so cute on! They are perfect for play, comfortable, and the best news yet - good for the environment. Here are a couple - check out the rest in my shop on Etsy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

j caroline creative

I got online to check one of my favorite fabric stores, j caroline creative, this afternoon and found some sad news. I have bought organic fabric from this store before and they have always been super fast and very helpful. I was really surprised (yet happy) to notice that they were having an amazing sale on their entire organic selection. But then I noticed that almost all their other fabrics were on sale for an incredible price too. So I poked around on the site a bit and found this on her blog:

"What's going on, you ask? Well, the bulk of our business has always been crafters that make and re-sell items and for those of you in that world, you know what is going on. Retail on any level is not doing well and hasn't for at least a year. We noticed a significant change in buying activity last March and by my own stubbornness and conniving were able to plow through any way waiting for the uptick. Well, in my humble opinion, the uptick isn't coming soon and it isn't going to be significant enough to undo the hurt caused by operating by the skin of our teeth for a full year. So, after much consternation and hand-wringing, I have made the decision to bring the site to a soft landing before other parties force us to crash land.

Where we go after we significantly reduce our inventory is still somewhat uncertain. I do plan to keep the website up and running with some selection of items-- at this time, I plan to offer webbing, some hardware and our jacquard ribbons. The tutorials and how-tos on the site will also still be available and I do plan to add more. At this time, we do not plan to offer fabric or as large of a selection of ribbons. Jcaroline Home will continue to operate, but probably with fewer fabric selections.

The jcaroline blog will also still be around and updated. In fact, it should get updated more as I can focus more time on sewing and other creative endeavors. I also have some ideas to expand its scope as a fabric/sewing/crafting blog.

So, yes, I and my business in some form will still be around, but we are proceeding with a necessary transition at this time. Thank you for your support for the last eight years and I'm hopeful for another eight years in some form or another.

The upside of this is we are holding one heck of a sale. To beat all sales. Until it is all gone. Start shopping."

And she really is having an incredible sale! I couldn't believe the prices. You must check it out - and fast too before it's all gone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Zola Kids!

I am so excited about this amazing wholesale order that I received this week! The order is from an incredible eco-friendly children's boutique in Saratoga Springs, New York called Zola Kids.

If you are ever in the area (north of Albany), stop in and check out this wonderful store! Not in the area? No worries - they will soon have a web site up (March or April) and you'll be able learn about them and their products. I'll let you know when their website is up and running.

Their information is:
  • (site up in March or April)
  • 380 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, New York

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Friend Needs Help

I found the following via cole & josephine who found this via knackstudios and thought I would pass it on as well. I also can't imagine being in this situation, and I hope this little bit helps. Please repost if you feel moved as well.

....friends, I just found out today that one of my blog friends Gina Drennon from the shop Feather Your Nest lost her husband tragically to a heart attack last week. He was only 39, and they were highschool sweethearts married for 16 years with two beautiful children. Below is an excerpt from the email I received this morning.......

"She quickly decided that she must close her store so she can focus on her family & find a job that will provide a steady salary & benefits that they've now lost. The problem with doing it now is her store is located in a tourist resort & it is currently "off season" which will not begin to even pick up for several months and not fully until late spring/early summer and her store isn't even open in January regardless. Selling as much as possible online as quickly as possible, will certainly help her out.

We've all seen the mountains a group of bloggers can move when we band together. I'm kindly asking that each of you post something on your blog to encourage your readers to shop with her, and/or pass it on to others, tweet it, whatever. Gina does not know I am doing this, she is first very proud and would never ask for help, and dislikes any attention. But she is a generous soul and I have watched her donate goods and money to others in need more often than anyone. I feel helpless watching her struggle from afar & am trying to think of anything I can do to help.

Currently she is trying to get her store back online. She had a friend just delete all the files off the site after his death and when I e-mailed her earlier she was attempting to re-upload all the files and then post notices....hoping to finish within the next 24 hours. She will start out with all merchandise at 25% off site-wide. "

....just wanted to pass this along......whatever you can do friends...........xo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Dress

I have finally posted a new dress and here it is! What do you think? Stay tuned - more to come soon...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season!

So I've been busy working out some new design ideas and finding new fabrics for the spring and summer. I'll admit it's been a bit of a slow process lately. But I'm hoping to have some new things posted in the next couple of weeks.

In other news, I've become a huge fan of a couple of websites that have saved me a ton of money lately. I check these sites daily, and I am always very appreciative of the amazing deals that are posted. So I thought I'd share them with you and hopefully you can take advantage of the great deals too. I figure in an economy like this, who couldn't use a deal or two?

One of the sites is This site contains incredible savings on pretty much everything. I love it! Another is - great ideas and great deals too. Thanks to both of these sites for finding and sharing ways to cut costs!