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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great Green Picks

I've been trying to be a little more green lately - recycling more, not using plastic or paper shopping bags when possible, and other small things. I've also been on the hunt for great green products that are affordable. Here are a couple of wonderful green products that won't break the budget:

Princess Tiana's hair detangler by Carol's Daughter is paraben-free and gentle on your child's hair. It's also gentle on the budget, costing only $10.00. Granted, this is more than the cost of Johnson & Johnson's detangler. But, this one is earth-friendly and will last for a long time. Totally worth it. Go to:

Another great find is a set of four makeup brushes in the Eco-Tools kit by Alicia Silverstone. The entire set is only $14.99! The set is soft and cruelty-free and the bag they come in is made of hemp with nontoxic inks. Wow! What a great deal and green too! You can find this set at Target.

Do you have a great green find or green tip? If so, share it here and help us all shop more earth friendly.

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